Patients who received the Preserflo Microshunt with mitomycin C 0.2 mg/ml — with or without Ologen collagen matrix (OCM) implantation — experience equal results in terms of cumulative and mean intraocular pressure (IOP) reductions, medication reduction, and absolute and qualified success rates at 6 months, according to a study published in Eye and Vision

Researchers examined preliminary 6-month results from patients (50 pseudophakic eyes) with moderate to advanced primary open-angle glaucoma who received the Preserflo® Microshunt (Santen) implant with and without OCM. The team divided participants into 2 groups: Group A with application of MMC 0.2 mg/ml, and Group B with MMC 0.2 mg/ml and OCM implantation. 

Investigators found that mean postoperative IOP was significantly lower in both groups. IOP decreased by 49.06% in Group A and by 53.01% in Group B at 6 months (P <.88). Medication use was lower in both groups (Wilcoxon test, P <.001). The absolute and qualified success rates were not statistically significant between the groups (all P >.05). Cumulative IOP results per case were not statistically different in Group A compared with Group B. One revision surgery in Group A (4% failure rate) and 3 in Group B (12% failure rate) were performed. 

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The limitations of the study include only having 6 months of data, its retrospective nature, and failing the assumption of homogeneity of variance.


Vastardis I, Fili S, Perdikakis G, et al. Preliminary results of Preserflo Microshunt versus Preserflo Microshunt and Ologen implantation. Eye and Vis. Published online September 8, 2021. doi:10.1186/s40662-021-00253-3.