Ophthalmology Advisor Redesign: New Look, Better Access, Quality Content

A new look for Ophthalmology Advisor will improve your access to quality content.

Welcome to the new Ophthalmology Advisor! As you can see, we’ve completely redesigned the site with a sleeker, more modern feel to better fit our top-quality and comprehensive eye care coverage. With this update, you’ll have the opportunity to better explore our back catalog and familiarize yourself with a broader scope of the content we publish than our previous website design allowed. 

Along with this aesthetic update, we’re partnering with experts, educators, and leaders from across ophthalmology to provide clinical guidance, surgical instruction, and practice management tips, all in addition to our daily research updates.

And that’s just the start. Our vast collection of conference coverage will continue to provide you with the latest findings presented at these key events. We hope to provide you with a convenient method for keeping apprised of the important research presented at these meetings, whether you were unable to attend in person or you simply need a refresher.

Ophthalmology Advisor is also proud of its high-quality CME from our partner myCME.com, which will continue to provide you with a large volume of educational content in a wide range of formats.

Like what you see? We hope so, and we welcome your feedback on how we can make Ophthalmology Advisor truly worthy of this unique discipline. Contact us at [email protected] or you can email me directly at [email protected]. I’m eager to hear from you!


Bill Kekevian
Senior Editor
Ophthalmology Advisor