Glaucoma Valve Surgery With Mitomycin C Maintains Significant Pressure Reduction

Mitomycin C can aid Ahmed glaucoma valve in lowering IOP and the need for glaucoma medications.

Intraoperative and postoperative use of mitomycin C (MMC) in Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) surgery can be beneficial in maintaining a significant reduction in intraocular pressure (IOP), as well as the number of glaucoma medications 3-years post-surgery, according to a poster presented at the 2022 annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) held in Chicago September 30 to October 3. The use of MMC stabilizes best corrected visual acuity with few surgical complications, according to the researchers.

The study authors analyzed data from 121 eyes of 95 patients who underwent AGV surgery and were treated postoperatively with MMC. The investigators assessed IOP, medical therapy, visual acuity (VA), complications, and treatment failure (reoperation for glaucoma, loss of light perception vision, IOP ≤5 mm Hg, IOP more than 21 mm Hg or not reduced by 20% from baseline). 

Investigators report successful outcomes with MMC including a mean IOP decrease from baseline of 23.7±9.5 mm Hg to 12.7±3.9 mm Hg (P < .001), and a decrease in the mean number of glaucoma medications from a baseline of 2.9±1.0 mm Hg to 1.3±0.9 mm Hg (P <.001). 

The cumulative probability of failure was 26%. The BCVA change was insignificant (P = .77). Complication rate was 13%; hypotony was the most common complication.


Cao B, Kline B, Kao B, et al. Three-year outcomes of Ahmed glaucoma valve surgery with adjunctive use of intraoperative and postoperative Mitomycin C. Poster presented at: The American Academy of Ophthalmology 2022 Annual Meeting; September 30 to October 3, 2022; Chicago. Abstract PO114.