Combined Approach Clears Meibomian Glands

A study says the protocol could help cataract patients adopt presbyopic implants.

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Physicians presently have a plethora of options for treating patients who have meibomian gland dysfunction and resultant dry eye disease (DED). Among them are the LipiView® and LipiFlow®  (J&J /TearScience) for diagnosis and thermal pulsation treatment, respectively, and the Blephex® (Alcon), a handheld hand device that spins a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of the eyelid to remove debris and bacteria. A report presented at the 2021 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) meeting in Las Vegas, July 23 to July 27, proposes a method that incorporates the use of both systems. Researchers shared the results of the protocol.

The approach was offered to 378 patients (mean age 66.58 ±11.55 years) since 2014 who were diagnosed with meibomian glands dysfunction using the LipiView’s lid transillumination. These patients were managed with a LipiFlow thermal pulsation treatment to remove obstructions from the glands and restore function. Of the total, 123 also were treated using the Blephex treatment immediately before Lipiflow.

In addition to the in-office procedures, patients were prescribed a drop regimen for 2 months following the treatment. None of the patients reported discomfort on follow up.

The investigators also report that the method could potentially aid in increasing postoperative quality of vision in patients due to a healthier corneal tear film.

“This treatment helps to adopt presbyopic implants [in] up to 100% of cataract patients,” according to the paper presentation.

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Piovella M, Kusa B. Lid scrub and thermal pulsation treatment to improve tears film quality and biometry accuracy to broaden the use of multifocal IOLs safely. Paper presented at: ASCRS 2021 Annual Meeting; July 12-27; Las Vegas, NV. Paper 76032.