Expertscape Publishes Top 10 Specialists in Glaucoma

Expertscape, a web platform that identifies and objectively ranks physicians and researchers that excel in the treatment and diagnosis of specific disease states, has released their rankings for US physicians who specialize in the research and treatment of glaucoma.

Using Expertscape’s patented algorithm, Robert Weinreb, MD, of UC San Diego Shiley Eye Institute, is the top glaucoma expert in the United States. Having over 300 papers published in the last decade, we asked Dr. Weinreb where the future of glaucoma treatment was headed. “My research focuses on areas relating to personalized glaucoma care, and there are several technologies in the near future that will enable improved glaucoma outcomes, including AI and deep learning, genetic testing, wearable technologies and implantable sensors, and further improvements in glaucoma surgery,” he said.

The following 10 physicians have dedicated enormous time, energy, and commitment to advance our understanding and treatment of glaucoma, and we are privileged to recognize and celebrate their individual and collective contribution to vision diseases and their therapies.

Top 10 Specialists in Glaucoma:

  1. Robert Weinreb, M.D., Shiley Eye Institute, UC San Diego
  2. Felipe Medeiros, M.D., PhD, Duke Ophthalmology
  3. C. Gustavo De Moraes, M.D., MPH, PhD, Columbia University, Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute
  4. Jeffrey M. Liebmann, M.D., Columbia University, Irving Medical Center
  5. Robert Ritch, M.D., The New York Glaucoma Research Institute
  6. Shan C. Lin, M.D., Glaucoma Center of San Francisco
  7. David S. Friedman, M.D., PhD, MPH, Massachusetts Eye and Ear
  8. Linda M. Zangwill, PhD, Shiley Eye Institute, UC San Diego
  9. Louis R Pasquale, M.D., New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
  10. Joseph Caprioli, M.D., UCLA Stein Eye Institute

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