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Psoriasis: Erythrodermic and Pustular Variants

Psoriasis, Erythrodermic and Pustular variants, ICD-9 696.1 Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease process involving immune-mediated cutaneous inflammation and keratinocyte proliferation. The diagnosis is based upon a combination of both history and physical examination parameters. Typically, psoriasis is characterized by scaly, erythematous patches, papules, and plaques that are…

Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma (NXG) is chronic, progressive, granulomatous disorder with the potential to affect multiple organs, with a notable strong association with paraproteinemias and/or lymphoproliferative disease that demands lifelong monitoring and vigilance. Characteristic findings on physical examination On physical examination, there are yellowish to red-orange papules and nodules that coalesce…

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